Digital Versions of the Baqash series can be found HERE.

If you would like a signed copy for yourself or some signed books sent to a friend, please send a Cashiers’ Check or Money Order to:

C. E. Wilson
P. O. Box 344
Kentland, IN 47951

$10 per copy of Baqash or Darash
$5 per copy of Apophis or October Falling

$5 Shipping for up to 3 lbs of books:
Baqash & Darash weigh 1 lb each

Apophis & October Falling weigh 1 lb per 4

$5 minimum shipping charge. 

1x Baqash + 1x Darash + 1x October Falling + 1x Apophis = $30 + $5 shipping = $35.

Reviewers say:

“Great book with vivid imagery about what our world could look like during the End Times. Wilson created characters with depth and passion. Can’t wait to read his next book!” – Christine H. Duis