The worldwide earthquake obliterated hope. How will the Saved survive?



My Favorite Knives and Axes

I cover the best blade materials for the budget minded and a selection of my favorite blades for EDC and my bug out bag.

Three Areas of Preparedness Pt. 1

What does pre-earthquake preparedness look like for the average Christian?

Pencil Sharpener Kindling

Using a pencil sharpener to create kindling. $5 for a pack of four (the price varies on Amazon).

Introduction to Surviving the Earthquake

A brief description of what the "Surviving the Earthquake" YouTube channel is all about.

$25 Prepper / Survival Radio

In the event of the earthquake emergency communications will be necessary. I do a quick run-through as to why this radio should be an important part of one's kit. *Be sure to research the legality of the radio and your... Continue Reading →

Fire Starters Five Dollar Find

March 1st seems to be the best time to roll down the Walmart clearance aisles. Here are some fire starters we found for less than $5. Survival preparation doesn't need to cost a lot of money. 5 Dollar Fire... Continue Reading →

$5 Char-cloth from Blue Jeans

Normal char-cloth made from t-shirts or shop rags is very brittle. Blue jeans are much more resiliant yet can still take to flame from a ferro rod.

Five Dollar Find UST Survival Kit

My beautiful bride picked me up a UST Survival Kit from Walmart. Here's my review of the Five Dollar Find.

Walmart Hobo Stove

This week we make a 5 dollar hobo stove out of parts I find at Walmart. One of the main features of this stove is that it is unmodified. No Dremel... no tin snips... no file to get rid of... Continue Reading →

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