The worldwide earthquake obliterated hope. How will the Saved survive?



$5 Char-cloth from Blue Jeans

Normal char-cloth made from t-shirts or shop rags is very brittle. Blue jeans are much more resiliant yet can still take to flame from a ferro rod.

Five Dollar Find UST Survival Kit

My beautiful bride picked me up a UST Survival Kit from Walmart. Here's my review of the Five Dollar Find.

Walmart Hobo Stove

This week we make a 5 dollar hobo stove out of parts I find at Walmart. One of the main features of this stove is that it is unmodified. No Dremel... no tin snips... no file to get rid of... Continue Reading →

Five Dollar Finds at Dollar General

In our quest to get a Bug Out Bag (BOB) ready for a power outage or other emergency we scan the dollar rack at our local Dollar General. Here are a three items I found. Five Dollar Finds at... Continue Reading →

Fire Kit

Today we take a look at my Fire Kit. As with all the things we do in life, we must study, practice, and modify what we do based upon what works best for us. Here is just one example of... Continue Reading →


Bug Out Bag - BOB. We've decided that over the next few months we are going to start developing a BOB. Living in N. W. Indiana we are faced with the chance of tornados and power outages. It's better to... Continue Reading →

Wood Gasifier Stove

My first YouTube video! Watch me try out my first DIY Wood Gasifier Stove. Wood Gasifier Stove


Whenever I visit Phyllis H. She always has her Bible out and a paper full of her notes. Her handwriting is terribly small and impeccably neat. What a neat idea! Plus, what we right down, we tend to memorize easier.... Continue Reading →

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