The worldwide earthquake obliterated hope. How will the Saved survive?



April Sales Update 

I haven't done a sales update in a while. My apologies. Total Units Since 09/2016: Baqash: 447 October Falling: 965 I'm going to start my final re-write of "Darash" this week. I hope to have it published on or about... Continue Reading →

Production to Date Numbers

Since Sept. 2016: 439 Copies of Baqash have been distributed. Since November 2016: 789 Copies of October Falling are out there. Pretty cool. Honestly, I can't wait until I'm done writing "Darash: Baqash Book 2". I'm excited to see how... Continue Reading →

Phyllis Update 01/07/2017

Phyllis doesn't blog, so occasionally I print off an update and hand it to her at church. I believe, if not for her prayers and that of many others: I would never have met my amazing wife, had a beautiful,... Continue Reading →

Sales Update 01/01/2017

Happy New Year everyone. 2016 was a busy year at the Wilson home. Our baby-girl was born on January 28th. She is a blessing and a gift from God. "Baqash" was officially published at the end of September and the... Continue Reading →

November Totals 2016

"Baqash" since Sept. 2016 104 Paperbacks  21 eBooks  125 Total Copies "October Falling: Baqash Origins" since Nov 2016 32 Paperbacks 150 eBooks 182 Total Copies I'm so excited to see these books get out there.  If you are local and... Continue Reading →

Sale Ends Sunday

The worldwide earthquake destroyed everything, especially hope. The End Times have begun, how will the Saved survive? Sarah is given a mission to travel over 2,000 miles across the continental United States. Meanwhile, Enforcers and vigilantes roam the countryside looking... Continue Reading →

Reaching Out

Last week I reported that there are 91 copies out there. So far we've reached within thirty miles of Watseka, IL. Copies have also gone out to: Kenosha, WI Augusta, GA Sutter Creek, CA Greensville, SC Kankakee, IL Southern Illinois... Continue Reading →

Sales so Far

73 total copies are out there, of those:  52 Paperbacks have been passed out. 4 paperbacks sold through Amazon. 4 ebooks sold through Amazon. 13 copies have been read through Kindle Unlimited.  Feeling blessed and in awe of His amazing... Continue Reading →

Sales 10.12.2016

I frequently get asked how well 'Baqash' is doing. Since 08.2016: 65 copies have been distributed: 4 paperbacks were purchased through Amazon.  3 ebooks were purchased through Amazon.  11 were viewed through Amazon Direct.  47 were passed out by hand. ... Continue Reading →

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