The worldwide earthquake obliterated hope. How will the Saved survive?


October Falling

October Falling Copyright

It's nice when you see this come in snail mail. Makes it all feel more official even though I received an email stating the same information the day I filed for Copyright. 

October Falling – Australia

O. F. at Amazon Australia:  #1 Futuristic #6 Sci-Fi & Fantasy #18 Dystopian  Woke up today, checked O. F. sales and noticed that more copies were distributed in: Australia, Japan, Netherlands, and U. K. In addition to Brazil, Canada, and... Continue Reading →

October Falling #1

October Falling has reached #1 in Christian Futuristic - Free for the Kindle! I'm so stoked! Praise be to God. He did this! To get your own free copy please visit:

October Falling – Amazon Rank

O.F., since 11/20/2016 #3 in Christian/Futuristic - Amazon - Free #22 in Religious/Sci-Fi - Amazon - Free #8,177 in free Kindle Books - Amazon 19 Copies have been released through Amazon. 63 Copies have been given out through Smashwords iBooks and other distributors... Continue Reading →

October Falling – Free

"October Falling: Baqash Origins" is Free from Smashwords Sometime soon it should be free for iBook, Kobo, Nook, and many others. I'll let ya'll know when. It is also available at Amazon $0.99 Please, wherever you get it from - love it... Continue Reading →

October Falling Thought

One other thought I had while writing "October Falling". During a major crises, the people you can depend on most are the ER Nurses and Doctors. They're "fight" response is already turned on. With everyone else the "fight or flight"... Continue Reading →

October Falling Draft

Just finished "October Falling" draft. We're right at 12,000 words and 50 pages. Figuring to start the re-write Saturday. If you'd like to be a first reader please let me know. I appreciate any input.  Also, if you are an... Continue Reading →

3 Modes of Life

One thing I've discovered in life. We are either growing, falling, or are spiritually stagnant. And day to day we fluctuate, kind of like a mountain range.  In each of my books I want one character to be seen on... Continue Reading →

October Falling

Baqash is out and the final edit is live. Darash is sitting at about 34,000 words of an estimated 111,000.  Ideas have stalled out for Darash; but ideas have flowed for a short story. So I'm 1,000 words into "October... Continue Reading →

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