The worldwide earthquake obliterated hope. How will the Saved survive?



Monday Update

I'm praying I can re-write 15 to 20 chapters of "Darash" this week. Inadvertently, I had to take off 5 days in a row. One of those days was an awesome day spent with my baby girl. 🙂 God has... Continue Reading →

Darash Re-Write

The first re-write of Darash is complete. One day early 🙂 The second re-write will begin tomorrow. I'm still hoping to get a preview copy out to First Readers by March 4th. The overall goal is to have Darash published... Continue Reading →

Busy Days

Haven't blogged much lately. Busy getting ready for my daughter's first birthday party and working on the re-write of "Darash". Also, I haven't had a lot come to mind. Feels like I'm in a valley, waiting for God to move.... Continue Reading →

Darash: Re-Writing

July of last year, while Baqash was with my first readers, I wrote the prologue, epilogue and chapters 1 through 9 of Darash. Today was like looking back through time. It felt kinda like watching those videos of when you... Continue Reading →

“Darash” Rough Draft

I think I'm done with the rough draft of Darash. No more ideas are coming to mind. All of the characters have gotten where they need to go.  On the re-write I'll add probably 2,000 words or so. Maybe add... Continue Reading →

Darash – The First Reader

Many of you know Phyllis H. I cannot thank God enough for this lady. She and her husband were honorary grandparents at our wedding. She's given me much insight into the writing of Darash. If not for God speaking through... Continue Reading →

Chapter 25 – Darash

I just wrapped up chapter 25 of Darash. It's time to take a deep breath. 55 percent of the book is already written, which is about 267 pages. Chapter 25 is the shortest chapter at almost five pages. The deep... Continue Reading →

October Falling

Baqash is out and the final edit is live. Darash is sitting at about 34,000 words of an estimated 111,000.  Ideas have stalled out for Darash; but ideas have flowed for a short story. So I'm 1,000 words into "October... Continue Reading →

Darash Update

Baqash is selling quite well. I ordered 5 more copies for friends and family at church. Praying those copies will be in by the 23rd.  Darash (Baqash Book 2) is coming along well. I've written 14 chapters so far. This... Continue Reading →

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