The worldwide earthquake obliterated hope. How will the Saved survive?



Darash Cover is Done

Many thanks to Kristel Sattler. Awesome artwork!

Almost There…

Last night I finished the final adjustments to the paperback copy of Darash. I'm Hoping to have it up by April 30th for $12.95 Tonight I reformat for Kindle. It should be around $2.99 So excited... 🙂

Another Crazy Month

I've uploaded the interior file (the actual text) and created a fake cover for "Darash" on Amazon's Createspace. I'm hoping to order some proof copies later today so that I can check the interior. I'll also be giving away 1... Continue Reading →

First Readers are Awesome

I gotta say, first readers are awesome. Other than catching grammar and spelling mistakes, they catch your meaning. They take that meaning, toss in a different word, a different word with a bit more flavor, and by doing so take... Continue Reading →

Monday Update

I'm praying I can re-write 15 to 20 chapters of "Darash" this week. Inadvertently, I had to take off 5 days in a row. One of those days was an awesome day spent with my baby girl. 🙂 God has... Continue Reading →

Darash Re-Write

The first re-write of Darash is complete. One day early 🙂 The second re-write will begin tomorrow. I'm still hoping to get a preview copy out to First Readers by March 4th. The overall goal is to have Darash published... Continue Reading →

Busy Days

Haven't blogged much lately. Busy getting ready for my daughter's first birthday party and working on the re-write of "Darash". Also, I haven't had a lot come to mind. Feels like I'm in a valley, waiting for God to move.... Continue Reading →

Darash: Re-Writing

July of last year, while Baqash was with my first readers, I wrote the prologue, epilogue and chapters 1 through 9 of Darash. Today was like looking back through time. It felt kinda like watching those videos of when you... Continue Reading →

“Darash” Rough Draft

I think I'm done with the rough draft of Darash. No more ideas are coming to mind. All of the characters have gotten where they need to go.  On the re-write I'll add probably 2,000 words or so. Maybe add... Continue Reading →

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