The worldwide earthquake obliterated hope. How will the Saved survive?

Like Christmas…

It is so nice to come home to a big box of books 🙂 Thank you to everyone who has helped and/or encouraged me along the way. Esp. M. S. who puts up with my ramblings of plot twists and... Continue Reading →

Apophis Release Date

Apophis (Baqash Origins) will now release on June 30th, 2017.  Why? - Well, the trip to converting the book over to Smashwords ePub style went a lot smoother than expected.  - I need to have the book up somewhere else... Continue Reading →

Grace / Anger

If we don't choose grace, unrighteous anger will consume us.  The choice is yours. 

Getting Real

The proof copies are here 🙂 Now to thumb through and make sure I have it formatted right. Later in the week, a giveaway. 

Apophis: Pre-Order

Apophis is available for pre-order. Release date is July 31st, 2017. 🙂  Please wait a day or two before you order, I've asked Amazon to Price Match the book to FREE. The paperback will be about $3.99 Have a blessed... Continue Reading →

Apophis Cover

I think this is the official cover for "Apophis (Baqash Origins)". Turned out pretty cool. I should be finishing the final edit for Apophis by Friday the 16th of June. The book will be released for free on Kindle and... Continue Reading →

Progress Update

"Apophis (Baqash Origins)" is with the first readers. I'm getting some great feedback.  I've just written the prologue to "Sha'al". Tomorrow I write the epilogue.  This weekend we shoot the cover for "Apophis". Many thanks in advance to Mike and... Continue Reading →


I've been thinking about writing an inspiration booklet about prison. Interracting with the gentlemen and ladies in the jail gives me a different perspective about myself and the rest of the world.  Certain Scriptures come to mind when I think... Continue Reading →

October Falling Copyright

It's nice when you see this come in snail mail. Makes it all feel more official even though I received an email stating the same information the day I filed for Copyright. 

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