1st Seal – White Horse: Rider with bow and given a crown.

  • Apophis – future Baqash Origins – free eBook about Mattithyahu and Joseph.

2nd Seal – Red Horse: Rider removed peace.

3rd Seal – Black Horse: Rider with scales – inflation.

4th Seal – Pale Horse: Rider is Death.

5th Seal – The Slain for God given a white robe, more to join.

6th Seal – The Great Earthquake

  • October Falling (Baqash Origins)

7th Seal – Silence

1st Trumpet – Hail, Fire, and Blood.

2nd Trumpet – 1/3 of Seas become blood, creatures die, and ships destroyed.

3rd Trumpet – Wormwood – 1/3 of of drinkable water becomes bitter.

4th Trumpet – 1/3 of the sun, moon, and stars are struck: 1/3 light to reach earth.

  • Baqash (Book 1)
  • Darash (Baqash Book 2) – currently writing

5th Trumpet – Apollyon – 5 months torture for the rebellious

-> Last Chance to Repent.

6th Trumpet – 3 plagues kills 1/3 of mankind.

7th Trumpet – Heaven opened

1st Bowl – Sores on the Marked.

2nd Bowl – All sea creatures die.

3rd Bowl – Fresh water becomes blood.

4th Bowl – Scorching Sun

5th Bowl – Followers of the Beast plunged into darkness: pain and sores.

6th Bowl – Unclean spirits gather the Marked to Megiddo

  • Ginomai (Baqash Book 5) – planned book.

7th Bowl – “Its is done!” Great Earthquake, lightning and thunder.


Sha’al(Baqash Book 3) – Sometime after the 4th Trumpet

Zeteo (Baqash Book 4) – Sometime after the 4th Trumpet

3 more Baqash Origins novellas – Sometime after the 1st Seal.

  • Daniel! – A 12,000 novella about the character Daniel