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October Falling (Baqash Origins):
O.F. is an origin story about Terry. Who was she and where did she come from before the worldwide earthquake? 

Baqash (Book 1):
Sarah sat at the feet of her friend Joseph. He was an old wizened man with wispy tufts of gray hair. He leaned forward in the rocking chair and whispered to her, “be prepared.” 

Be prepared for what, she wondered. Sarah took off her ball-cap and ran her fingers through her chopped at red hair. Her parents were taken away from her, she and many of the faithful absconded into this 1890’s house, and the future looked bleaker than the past.

 As for the past? The world-wide earthquake took that away first. And then hail and fire destroyed hope. A burning star fell from the sky, broke upon impact, and poisoned a third of all drinkable water. 

What grieved her heart most was that the stars in the sky were taken away. At night you could go out and never see a single one because of the dust and ash that was cast into the heavens. When was the last time she’d seen a clear sky? Amidst all of this she had a dream, a dream of the man she would marry. One simple question plagued her: “How am I supposed to find him?”

Darash (Baqash Book 2):

(Book currently being written.)

After Sarah and Jackson left Carter and Janalee were confronted by a band of the Marked. Many friends have died, who survived? 

Forthcoming (Baqash Book 3):

Continues the saga of Sarah. She found Mattithyahu, they’re on the run again, and she has some old demons to work out. All while trying to get to Israel before the 5 months are up. 

Forthcoming (Baqash Book 4):

Carter, Janalee and others return in this book.