Bug Out Bag – BOB. We’ve decided that over the next few months we are going to start developing a BOB. Living in N. W. Indiana we are faced with the chance of tornados and power outages.

It’s better to have a bag ready, sitting by the door, than to have to scramble at the last second trying to put something together. We’re not looking at living the rest of our lives off of this kit. It’s just something to tide us by over a few days time in a shelter or at a friends house.

So… once a week, we pick up a single $5 item from Walmart to add to the kit. We have a lot of the gear already since we go hiking and camping. All we have to do is add to that.

Earlier this week I took K on a daddy-daughter day to Champaign. We discovered that the Surplus store is moving and the military gear is 75% off. The backpack featured here cost $17 brand new. I think it’s in the 60 liter range, has tons of pockets, and is made to be durable.