During the months of November, December, and January very few plot lines came to mind as the family was on/off sick and we were preparing for our newest bundle of joy: Zoe.

Our beautiful little daughter was born February 2nd. I’ve taken the entire month of February off from work to enjoy my ladies: Mrs., K (2yrs old), and Zoe. How often will I be able to take 20 vacation days in a row to enjoy my family? God has blessed me with a beautiful wife and two amazing daughters.

As for Zeteo (Baqash Book 4) I’ve been able to write a chapter a day, six days a week. 4 a. m. is a nice, quiet time. So far I’ve written 14 chapters and the prequel. Almost 30% done on the rough draft.

What can I say about Zeteo? Hold onto your hats. If you thought the other books were fast…wait until you get your hands on this one!

We see the activities of a Jewish version of the “Maquis” rise up against Apophis and the Enforcers, Carter and his family go on a scouting mission in Iran, and Maxwel and Terry are off to blow up bridges to slow down the gentiles advance upon Israel!

There’s a lot of action packed suspense!