I’m going to start up a new section on survival. Because of the book series (research) and our love of hiking/camping we’re looking at alternative, more self-reliant means of living. I think the U. S. Has become too dependent upon the things they can buy at Walmart, i. e.: gas canisters, pre-made fire starters, etc.

What if we lived with only what we needed to survive in life? Would we have more resources and time to share with others? Would we spend money and time fixing the materialistic things in life? What if our dishwasher broke down? What if we didn’t have one in the first place?


Here is our first, super simple, rocket stove. I tried it out Christmas Day. We didn’t pack it with a lot of wood and didn’t try a boil test. Winds were gusting and it was 20f outside. Still, I was able to get it started using some fatwood, kindling, and a Vaseline soaked lint ball.