Life is about searching, seeking. Because of the book series I get wrapped up into some pretty cool research.

For Sha’al I had to (and currently still am) researching Jewish culture. They are God’s chosen people (and we who know Christ as Lord are ingrafted). Yet their culture is very different, but much like our own: in that their identity is changing with the times. From what I gather less than 10% of the population of Israel are Torah followers. A very small percentage are Messianic Jews. Most consider themselves to be non-religious or atheist.

For Zeteo I’m researching more into “bugout bags”, preppers, and survival. I think to the past when people were more focused on survival than the pleasure we reside in today. What will happen when the world turns into chaos? Will you be prepared? Today’s photo is that of a drier lint ball coated in Vaseline.