20 Years Prior to Baqash:

* Unnamed (Baqash Origins) Book

First Seal – Anti-Christ
Second Seal – Red Horse
Third Seal – Black Horse
Fourth Seal – Ashen Horse

* Apophis (Baqash Origins)

Fifth Seal – Martyrs
Sixth Seal – 1st Earthquake

* October Falling (Baqash Origins)

Seventh Seal – 2nd Earthquake

* Bitter (Baqash Origins)

1st Trumpet – 1/3 vegetation burned
2nd Trumpet – Sea blood 1/3 fish died
3rd Trumpet – Wormwood 1/3 freshwater
4th Trumpet – 1/3 moon & stars

* Baqash

* Darash (Baqash Book 2)

5th Trumpet – Locusts

* Sha’al (Baqash Book 3)

* Zeteo [Starts] (Baqash Book 4)

6th Trumpet – Horse Army 1/3 mankind

– Two Witnesses Killed – 3.5 year mark

* Zeteo [Ends] (Baqash Book 4)

7th Trumpet – Christ’s reign foreseen

1st Bowl – sores on the Marked
2nd Bowl – sea 100% blood, all fish dead
3rd Bowl – freshwater 100% blood
4th Bowl – sun scorches the Marked
5th Bowl – kingdom darkened, extreme pain
6th Bowl – Euphrates dried up, ‘Apophis’ Armies attack


* The Mark is loosely enforced until the 6th Trumpet.

* After the 6th Trumpet, Israel drives the Marked over the Euphrates river and claim the Promised Land.

* Ginomai! (Baqash Book 5) starts sometime after the end of Zeteo and ends just after the 7th Bowl.

* The “4th” Origins Book will take place between the 1st and 4th Trumpet. That is all I know.

* I know what the Unnamed (Baqash Origins) Book is about, but cannot write it until I’m finished with Zeteo.

* I believe that only the Marked will suffer the 7 Bowls and that those who remain in Israel will not suffer.