The worldwide earthquake obliterated hope. How will the Saved survive?


December 2017

Timeline of Books

Timeline 20 Years Prior to Baqash: * Unnamed (Baqash Origins) Book First Seal - Anti-Christ Second Seal - Red Horse Third Seal - Black Horse Fourth Seal - Ashen Horse * Apophis (Baqash Origins) Fifth Seal - Martyrs Sixth Seal... Continue Reading →

A Letter from a Friend

"Hi! Just finished reading Sha'al. It was brilliant!! I thoroughly enjoyed it! The characters have become my friends and I've cried with them and laughed at them and with them through their trials and tribulations. Thank you for these books... Continue Reading →

Saturday 4 A. M.

Yesterday I finished re-writing the readers copy of "Bitter". I figured that I could take a week off from writing. 4 a. m. rolls around, I wake up, and decide I'll sleep in. It's Saturday, right? Nope. Ideas for the... Continue Reading →

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