C. E. Wilson, Lafayette Great Banquet #122 table of Luke! 

Long weekend. Lots of food. Let me say that again, lots of food. Did I mention that there was lots of food? The leftovers had leftovers, holly cow! 

The Banquet wasn’t so much about phsical food as it was spiritual food. We were unplugged from the world for 3 days. No watches, no cell phones. Everything was taken care of so we could focus on God. 

There were 28 or so of us men as guests. 14 table leaders. Spiritual leaders, chefs, cooks, volunteers and more. Wow. 

I had a great time. Learned a lot about God and I know there is a lot more to learn about Him. 

Running a little tired this morning. But feeling great, centered back on God. Thanks to John, my beautiful bride, and to everyone who participated.