Almost one-third of the way there 🙂 Sha’al is rounding out to be a very fascinating story.

Just to give a brief overview:

Sarah, Mattithyahu and his band of 2000 followers have to travel from the Mojave Desert to Los Angeles. The earthquake tore up all of that land across the various fault lines. In addition to that, the earthquake caused a massive tsunami which destroyed L.A. and they have to pick their way across the rubble…

Then steal an ocean liner…

Then sail from L.A. to Bandar-e-Jask in Iran.

And then find a way to get from Iran to Gadot, Israel.

Along that last leg of the journey, they drive within 15 km of Babylon, Iraq – Apophis’ capital city.

All within a five month window.

Moving 5 people would be easy, but Mattithyahu is leading 2,000. Whew!

I forgot to mention that they have to deal with food and water supplies. The environment. And the people that are being tormented by the demon-locusts.

How prepared are you?