The worldwide earthquake obliterated hope. How will the Saved survive?


July 2017

Of Blogging and Sensibility 

I'm sorry I haven't blogged much lately. Honestly, I don't know what to blog about. The world is in a tailspin. I think we are headed towards the End Times. I've been spending my days thinking about how to raise... Continue Reading →

30 Percent

Almost one-third of the way there 🙂 Sha'al is rounding out to be a very fascinating story. Just to give a brief overview: Sarah, Mattithyahu and his band of 2000 followers have to travel from the Mojave Desert to Los... Continue Reading →


I've been reading a few English language Israeli newspapers over the internet. However, the tactile feel of a real newspaper trumps any electronic device.  Hamodia means "The Informer". First of all I like the use of traditional names vs our... Continue Reading →


Faith isn't convenient. It never will be. And it shouldn't be, because then it would be of no value. 

Sha’al Update

14 chapters in. 31,769 words written.  90,631 words left of goal. 26% completed. Shooting for around 55 chapters and 511 pages.  Not too bad. Not where I'd like to be. But, not too bad. 

The Lion’s Gate

So I'm waiting for Mom in recovery. Her operation went well. Anyway, I can devour and retain books. However, with "The Lion's Gate" by Steven Pressfield I can only read one section at a time. After three months I've only... Continue Reading →

3 a.m. 

I roused out of sleep at 3 a.m. Hate it when book ideas start flooding at me. Got a long, busy day day ahead and won't be able to write. Gah!  Maybe I can grab a pre-work nap 🙂

The Goal…

To get Sha'al written in a timely fashion I'll have to write 5 chapters a week between now and Sept. 15th. 12,000 words a week, give or take. The Goal... 122,640 words - 55 chapters - 511 pages. Phew. Prayer... Continue Reading →

Lean not …

Sometimes you find yourself doing things in what seems like a backwards order. I've learned that you gotta run with your heart. When a story comes to mind, you gotta stop and write it. But your heart cannot be fully... Continue Reading →

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