I’ve uploaded the interior file (the actual text) and created a fake cover for “Darash” on Amazon’s Createspace. I’m hoping to order some proof copies later today so that I can check the interior. I’ll also be giving away 1 proof copy here shortly.

Once all of the books are written I’ll be giving away 1 proof copy pack which contains a proof of every book.

When I get the actual cover from my artist I’ll upload that and put the book up for sale on Amazon. I’m hoping for an April 28th release date.

The paperback will be around $15.95 because it is 100 pages longer than Baqash. I’ll see what I can do to lower that price. Kindle version should be $2.99. Next Monday I’ll do the ebook prep work so all I have to do is upload the cover.

Have a blessed weekend 🙂