So far I’m hearing positive feedback from my first readers. I’m hoping to release Darash sometime in April. We’ll be doing a proof copy giveaway at that time. 

Starting next week I begin writing “Apophis (Baqash Origins)”. It is a 12,000 to 15,000 word novelette which focuses on Mattithyahu and Joseph, and their brief run-in with Apophis, and the other 3 horsemen. 

I’m enjoying my week off from writing and research. This week I cracked open “With the Old Breed” by E. B. Sledge. 

After Darash is published I’ll start writing Sha’al which takes place during the events of the Fifth Trumpet, Revelations 9:1-11. 

As for the photo: that is my daughter’s first drawing. She’s thirteen months and a week old and full of life and vigor. That is, until bedtime.