Since Sept. 2016:

439 Copies of Baqash have been distributed.

Since November 2016:

789 Copies of October Falling are out there.

Pretty cool. Honestly, I can’t wait until I’m done writing “Darash: Baqash Book 2”. I’m excited to see how the novelette “Apophis” will unfold. “Apophis: Baqash Origins” will be the story of how Joseph and Mattithyahu meet in Jerusalem. It will be free for eBook as well. I’m going to TRY to release a novelette or novel every 3 to 4 months. So that every 3 months something new will come out. It all depends on how life flows, God willing.

I’m hoping to write 5 novels and 5 novelettes for the entire series.

As for the character Peter, I’m really wondering how he ties in to the whole series.