1) We named our daughter Kahya. Strong’s 2421 ‘Chayah’, pronunciation: (khaw-yaw’), meaning: to live, to have life, revive, quicken life.

She did her best to avoid the ultrasound, dancing, kicking, and on the move. Now she’s on the move, just as much,  but not nearly as constrained. There’s a whole big world to see!

2) Anyway, her birthday falls on: 18th Shevat, 5776. She’ll be 1 year old (according to the Hebrew calendar this year it will be on Feb 14th). She was born on January 28th, 2015 according to our calendar.

It’s both fun and confusing when looking at the Jewish calendar since the dates float around. Or is it that our dates are wrong? Fun things to think about, but nothing to get distracted over.

3) ‘Baqash’ eBook will be free on Amazon from January 27th – 29th to celebrate my babygirl’s birthday.

Please tell your friends and family. I’ll send out a reminder notice as the time draws near.

Have a blessed day 🙂