Many of you know Phyllis H. I cannot thank God enough for this lady. She and her husband were honorary grandparents at our wedding. She’s given me much insight into the writing of Darash. If not for God speaking through her, Troy wouldn’t be the interesting character that he is.

With that said, she’s also my first-first reader. As I write the chapters, I give them to her, perhaps five at a time. Many of these last chapters are cliffhangers. Imagine having to wait a week to find out what the conclusion is to the last cliffhanger!

I better hurry up and get this rough draft done. I just finished chapter 30. 17 chapters (41,600 words) are left to write.

If you’d like to be a first reader (after my first re-write) and are local to me, let me know and I will get you a copy 🙂 I’m going to limit to 4 first readers.

Have a blessed day