I just wrapped up chapter 25 of Darash. It’s time to take a deep breath. 55 percent of the book is already written, which is about 267 pages. Chapter 25 is the shortest chapter at almost five pages.

The deep breath? Yeah. If you thought Baqash was fast, wait until you hit chapter 25. Because over the next 216 pages a main character will stand before the Idol of Apophis. A woman will free a group of imprisoned children. A sniper will finally make his first kill. Carter and Janalee will make a run for J.F.K. airport. And a villain will finally catch the prey he’s been seeking.

Two primary antagonists and 7 protagonists traverse the ruins of New York City, which is packed with millions who have the Mark. All of this happening within a six hour period.

Phew. I’m excited to see it unfold.