A brief excerpt from the rough draft of “Darash”. In a school room, in a half-destroyed one level elementary school:

Patricia sat there, holding Jackie’s hand. Emily sat on the floor on the other side of her, ready to retrieve Calla. Calla unlatched and fell asleep. Jackie breathed her last. Patricia began to cry. “It’s not fair…”

Emily retrieved Calla from her mother’s arms and wrapped her into a puffy winter jacket. She stood up beside Patricia and put her hand on her shoulder. “It’ll be okay. We will raise Calla in God’s ways. Father, thank you for this beautiful life. Help us to guard her and raise her unto you.”

“Amen.” Patricia spoke between sobs.

“We need to get her into the warm Humvee. Did you find supplies?”

Patricia stood up and nudged the bag with her foot. “A few cans of formula and a few bottles. I found them in the nurse’s station down the other hallway.” She stood up and grabbed the bag. They headed out into the hall.

“Could you find the boys and meet me in the Humvee?”

“Sure.” Patricia walked briskly down the hall and to the left.

Emily looked the baby in the face, she was so beautiful. An image of her Creator. “Calla, I will do my best to protect you.”

Emily walked up to the front door, slipped carefully through its opening and outside. She looked left and her breath caught. “Please protect us.” She whispered. Down at the four way stop she saw the old power wagon, Garven was behind the wheel!

– Copyright by C. E. Wilson

 Emily is one of the new character in Darash. God has given her a very interesting mission. In this book, a few of Carter’s followers (here we read about his stepdaughter – Patricia) travel east to New York, New York. Each one trying to discern God’s will in their life during the most troubling time in earth’s future.

I’m hoping to get Darash out by October 1st, 2017. If all goes well, it will be much sooner than that. I’m 48% through the rough draft right now.