Each month I am going to try to write a review on a book that was written by a Christian Self-Published Author. Today’s review is about the novel “Written in Blood” by Nathan Bush.

Nathan’s freshman effort went well, the story is great. “Written” is a first person tale presented from two different persons with a narrator overtone, which is difficult to pull off. He accomplished this feat with aplomb. 

The grammar and spelling are rough, Nathan is a self-published author on a tight budget like many of us, but not so terrible as to draw you away from the story. 

The story keeps you wondering what will happen next. Keeping a reader guessing is always a good thing.

Character development was great, they are real people with real lives. Not that fake super-duper Hollywood over-the-top style. I look forward to learning more about the characters in his stories.

He wraps Scripture into the novel and the Plan of Salvation.

This is the first crime novel I’ve ever read. I’m more of a science fiction, fantasy, and/or Scripture kind of guy. I do, however, love “Columbo”, “NCIS”, and “Adam-12”. With that said, I look forward to his upcoming works. As he develops his craft, I am certain the narrative and execution will become better and more fascinating. 

The only negative I have is that the pace of the story is slower than I am accustomed to reading. 

To purchase a copy of his book please visit: Amazon