“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it very engrossing. Wish it was longer as it left me wanting more.” By Amazon Customer.

I’m very thankful to hear that many are enjoying the short story. 🙂

O. F. ties directly into the Baqash series storyline. It gives a glimpse, a back story to one of the characters. 

While writing Baqash, I found that a lot of very interesting characters have come to life.  I ask myself, where were they, and how did they handle the situations laid out in the book of Revelation? 

I intend to write 5 main stories and 5 short stories for the series. I’m writing them in this way so that the main books can continue to have a fast pace and that we don’t get bogged down in someone’s past when their future is what matters most. A person’s past is always important, but we cannot remain stuck there.