175 paperback copies of “Baqash” and “October Falling” have passed through my hands. Yet every time I get a box of books in, I feel giddy like a little boy receiving a prized toy. I’m always sad when the last copy leaves. 

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to work at a Print-On-Demand service like Createspace. What is it like to take a stack of books and pack it into a box? Knowing that lives will be changed by the very contents? 

What would it be like to work there and see your own book as it rolls off of the press? I know each job has its difficulties and struggles. Would being a book worm, working at a press, be such a bad thing? Isn’t that akin to a wine tester? 

Stop for a moment or two. Pick up a fresh copy and just flip through a couple of pages. Smell the freshness as the leaves of the book breathe a kiss onto your face.