Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I got back to writing “Darash”. About 7,000 more words typed. It’s so nice getting back to writing. 

So far the book is 17 chapters long, 42,000 words and 170 pages. The goal is 120,000 words and 480 pages. 

In Darash we follow Carter and Janalee, Patricia and Nathan, as well as Terry and Maxwel. We’ve met them in “Baqash”. Four new characters have been added: Carl, Garven, Emily, and “The Marksman”.  

 “The Marksman”, he calls himself this, was inspired by Phillis H. She said to me, “C, you need to have a marksman in this book.” And indeed he is in there, in fact he plays a pivotal role in the book. 

Have a blessed weekend, I’m taking tomorrow off from writing and blogging 🙂