To my first readers, thank you for your time and support. Thank you for putting up with the poorly written sentences and bad spelling. 

Thank you to those who have passed on a word of encouragement. Thanks to those who are helping spread the word about the book. 

Thank you to all who have purchased the book. Sales are climbing, the word is getting out. 
I pray that all those who read Baqash feel inspired to chase God. I pray you seek Him out to find your dreams. Life feel so much better once you’ve found that groove that God made you to fit in. Chase the impossible dream and write a book. 

As of right now “Baqash” has reached out to 455 people throughout the U. S. and U. K. I do not know what the sales look like and may not know for a week or two. 

Just a reminder, Baqash will be on sale at Amazon for $1.99 until November 20th and won’t be on sale again for about 3 more months. 

Many blessing be unto your family. 

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