The worldwide earthquake obliterated hope. How will the Saved survive?


November 2016

Faithful Man

Every so often, I encounter a Scripture that captures my attention and I have to stop and ponder its meaning. For the past month this is the Word that has gripped my soul. A faithful man will abound with blessings,... Continue Reading →

October Falling – Amazon

Hey friends, a friend from the U.K. informed me that O.F. was still selling for 0.99P at Amazon U.K. I contacted Amazon and asked them to price match O.F. with several other sites and now it's free across the globe!... Continue Reading →

October Falling – Amazon Rank

O.F., since 11/20/2016 #3 in Christian/Futuristic - Amazon - Free #22 in Religious/Sci-Fi - Amazon - Free #8,177 in free Kindle Books - Amazon 19 Copies have been released through Amazon. 63 Copies have been given out through Smashwords iBooks and other distributors... Continue Reading →

October Falling – iBooks

O. F. is available for free on iBooks.  The worldwide earthquake destroyed everything, especially hope. The End Times have begun, how will the Saved survive? Terry is going to work near downtown Cleveland, OH when the 9.6 worldwide earthquake strikes.... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

Good morning everyone. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Praying for all of you today. If you have any specific prayer requests go to the Contact Page on my blog and message me or you can message... Continue Reading →

October Falling – Free

"October Falling: Baqash Origins" is Free from Smashwords Sometime soon it should be free for iBook, Kobo, Nook, and many others. I'll let ya'll know when. It is also available at Amazon $0.99 Please, wherever you get it from - love it... Continue Reading →

Front Man

An author is the front man to an awesome team. The front line of defense are the first readers and editors. Next are our spouses, closest friends, and advisors Other players include those that we interact with on a daily... Continue Reading →

October Falling – Paperback

October Falling is available from Amazon for $4 for two weeks and then it'll go up to $5. Expanded distribution (B&N, Libraries, etc. require the price to be higher).  In a few days it'll be free for eBook readers.  October... Continue Reading →

Happy Day

Should check my mail more often. I must have gotten this in yesterday. Totally cool!

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