Baqash is selling quite well. I ordered 5 more copies for friends and family at church. Praying those copies will be in by the 23rd. 

Darash (Baqash Book 2) is coming along well. I’ve written 14 chapters so far. This book is a very different write from Baqash because we follow multiple characters, not just Sarah. 

Darash starts off when Sarah and Jackson part company with Carter’s group. We end up following Janalee, Patricia, Carter and Nathan. Maxwel and his lady friend Terry make a few appearances in the book (book 4 will be more about them). There are also two villains in this book, one likens himself to a Civil War general. 

I think Darash will be about 600 pages, Baqash is 310. Whatever the result, I wait on Him for the inspiration of the story. 

Have a blessed evening 🙂