One of my big dreams has come true: publishing a book, “Baqash”. Other hopes and desires have come true as well: wife, baby-girl, a truck and a dog(well two dogs but one is more like a cat). 

Another hope and dream is to honor our Father by getting and staying out of debt and living off of the income the books bring in. We want to honor Him in all things that we say or do. 

Lastly, our biggest hope is to find a nice big property with a house. We want to put two cottages on it and let pastors, elders, & their spouses stay in them for free. We want to provide a place for them to unwind and focus on being a couple again. We’d also partner with local pastors in case someone needed some counsel. And we’d lend a listening ear or just play board games with them if they’d want, or invite them to our house for dinner. 

Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart. – Psalm 37:4
What are some of your deepest hopes, dreams, and desires? Please share 🙂 I’d like to pray for you.