The worldwide earthquake obliterated hope. How will the Saved survive?


September 2016


Something that is on my heart today: We need to teach house leaders, men and women, how to give communion. To empower them and help them understand what communion is about.  Because there may come a time when organized religion... Continue Reading →

Baqash Kindle

Baqash is now available on the Kindle for $4.99 Baqash Kindle

Baqash is Up On Amazon



The proof process is finished for Baqash. If all goes well Amazon will have the product page set up by October 1st.  Tonight I format the ebook and set it for October 1st release.   Crazy times. Blessed by God. 


It all just got surreal. 1st proof just arrived today. Hoping to publish October 1st, 2016. Both paperback and kindle. So Blessed by an amazing God. 

Baqash Proof

Saturday morning I received an email from Amazon that the book passed muster. I ordered two proof copies to be due this Wednesday. It is amazing how quickly God can cause things to happen. Or better said: when His hands... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Faith

A few days ago I took a spiritual gifts test. My top gift is: Faith. I did some online research to try and find out what exactly that gift entails. To better describe, or flesh-out what the gift is, I'll... Continue Reading →

Amazon Review

All files uploaded to Amazon. Gotta wait 24 hours for their review. Crossing fingers and praying all goes well.  I set it up to distribute everwhere 🙂 P.B. will be $12.95 and e-book will be $4.99. 

Fun Times :)

One step closer to finishing this book. The Amazon automated book checker found 3 errors. Fixed those and now I have to re-do the page numbers in the table of contents. No biggie. The cover needs some tweaks. All in... Continue Reading →

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