I say “a role” because guys, we have a lot of roles to fulfill. It’ll take me more than one blog post to reflect on them all. 

So I see one major role of the husband is fulfillment. 

What do I mean?

Our Creator made our wives in a particular manner. Now I’m not saying that your wife is strange. I’m saying He created her with specific gifts and abilities. When she uses these gifts she feels fulfilled. Then she gets greater joy and satisfaction from life. 

I believe it is our role to help plug our wives into church and society in a way that she can receive the greatest fulfillment and joy. 

For instance, my bride has a wide skill set.  I need to help her find a role or combination of roles that will help fulfill ALL of them. She loves to crochet, is great with spreadsheets and wordprossessing, and many other tasks. 

It’s my first job to see that she is fulfilled. This needs to happen before I  seek out my own fulfillment. ‘Cause guess what, part of my fulfillment comes from her being fulfilled. Make sense? That provider instinct most men have? Use it for her. Not for yourself first. 

Wrap your dreams around fulfilling your wife first and your children second and God will wrap it all up together and you will be fulfilled. 

Ephesians 5:25-33 (NASB)

Cause guess what, God will provide for you too. All we have to do is love our wives as Christ loves us.