1. A Journey of Faith:

Faith doesn’t begin overnight. It’s not a “snap your fingers and it’s there” kind of thing.

Faith starts with a seed, one much smaller than a mustard seed. The opening of Faith begins with falling into the Savior’s arms. The image that comes to my mind is of a boy standing up somewhere high, arms crossed over his chest, leaning backwards until finally he gives in and lets himself fall – into the arms of his creator.

Eph 2:8-9

John 3:16-17

It is imperative that you seek Him first.

Deut 4:29

You must seek God for yourself. Period. Exclamation point! Don’t let some pastor or elder or Bible Study leader do the seeking for you. You have to seek God for yourself.

Acts 17:27

And in seeking Him you must take that first step out of the boat. You must be the one reaching and groping for him. No one can do it for you.

2. Trust Him:

This is tough. How can I trust a being I’ve never seen with my own eyes? He has revealed Himself to you through many ways.

Romans 1:20

Do you trust the sun to come up tomorrow? Do you trust that the stars will be in the sky tonight?

He created the stars, the moon and the sun. For His Glory, for you and for me.
If you’ve taken that leap of Faith you’ve already started on your journey. What about the stuff you need?

Matthew 6:25-34

Turn your heart to Him without reservation and trust Him. I know it’s hard. Start with something small. Like trusting Him to get you to work safely. i know its something you can do on your own, but give it a try.

Trust Him to direct your paths. Does the road become clearer? Is the path better illuminated? 

After that, try trusting Him with something smaller. We trust Him with the big stuff, but it’s the small stuff that’s harder to hand over to Him. 

Search Him out, have faith that He is there for you and trust that He will come through for you.