I’ve been reclining and reading Mark 14:3-9 and meditating upon the woman and the vial she poured over Jesus head. 

In this day and age we think, “oh what a big deal, it’s just perfume or cologne.” To be correct it may have been about the scented oil. But I gather it’s about so much more. 

The Word says it cost her 300+ denarii. A denarii was equivalent to one day’s wages. Right now in 2016 minimum wage is $7.25/hour. Figure with me 40 hours a week for 52 weeks and that Alabaster Jar cost her $15,080.  The cost of a car. 

The Word doesn’t say she was a rich woman. Perhaps she was. Perhaps she wasn’t. What if she saved up for years, maybe a decade or two? This vial was a prized possession, one she gladly poured the contents of onto our Savior’s head. Perhaps she sold everything she had so she could buy that jar and anoint Him. 

“She has done what she could,” have you given your all to Him?