My first novel I undertook ended up being 275,000 words (964 pages). It was set back in 1789 colonial America. I scrapped that one because of a few inconsistencies with history. The genre for that book would have been Chiristian – Fantasy. I trashed that book back in 2009. I also learned to do a mess of research first. 
In 2013 I tried writing my second book which would have been 500 pages and Christian – Sci-fi. I couldn’t resolve how to get the plot to bring glory to God. 

Just last year my bride and I spoke about dreams and how God can give us dreams, hopes and desires. I shared with her what I’ve just shared with you. 

And so I decided to give writing a book one last try. I’m praying it gives Glory to God and is an entertaining read. 

Baqash and Darash update: 

Ten Chapters written with a Prologue and Epilogue for Darash. That makes for about 120 pages written so far (almost 28,500 words). 

Darash looks like it’ll be in the neighborhood of 150,000 words (526 pages). But Darash follows seven characters instead of one. 

Baqash is a short book, about 75,000 (270 pages) words as of the first re-write.