“Great book with vivid imagery about what our world could look like during the End Times. Wilson created characters with depth and passion. Can’t wait to read his next book!” – Christine H. Duis

“This novel, while not in my usual genre, gave me pause to think – and isn’t that EXACTLY what an author wants us to do when we read their work? Kudos to you, Mr Wilson, from your characters, to the fast-paced plot, to the overall story line, I was right there with Sarah to the end. Only it wasn’t really the end – no, it’s the beginning of a well-plotted and crafted story that will take us on a journey of epic and Biblical proportions. Thankfully, there WILL be more to come.” Stephen E. Workman

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Baqash! If you enjoyed the “Left Behind” series of books you will also enjoy this (soon to be) series. The story is fast-paced, and exciting to read. I had a hard time putting it down. Take my word for it, you will enjoy this book! Congratulations to C. Wilson on this fine literary work.” -Mark A. Olson

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I hope to write a total of four or five novels and four or five short stories in this series, should the Lord allow me to.